Nudist Stories of Members

Male Tale

I can identify with the LGBTQ folks since I was a closet nudist for many years.  It wasn’t that I was afraid of social nudism.  It was, instead, that I was very busy with raising our son and trying to make a living and actually did not do much joining at all.  When possible, I would work in the yard nude and of course swim in lakes or rivers and sometimes even cross country ski in the nude.  But the idea of socializing with others was not on my agenda.  I did not broadcast that I liked to be nude but the family certainly knew.

Then, after retirement, I had some time to consider things and decided that I wanted to try joining a social nudist club.  We had visited commercial resorts in other states and although it was fun we did not know anyone there and a few days was just enough to perk my interest.  I corresponded with Cheri of Travelites Club and she was very supportive and described the many benefits of belonging to a club.  Others reinforced her opinions and I began to investigate the local possibilities.

About 3 1/2 years ago I joined Roadrunner Naturists and now am on the Board of Directors.  It is a vibrant, active group with a broad cross-section of members from all aspects of life.  It is much like I expected and we are working to expand our club by adding interesting sub-groups.  

If I have anything to say in the way of advice it is this:  “Don’t wait until it is too late.  Do it now and you will not regret it.”


One Adult Male’s Story


My wife and I practice a social  naturist (nudist) lifestyle.  Now what does that mean, to  practice this  lifestyle.  Well in today’s  American society, normally  one can only be nude  in isolation or with their significant other. Social (with other people) naturism is  generally not understood or worse yet, misunderstood as a sexual practice .  So we can only practice this lifestyle when conditions permit; which means the correct social setting, with other likeminded people, and warm enough temperatures to be nude; cumulatively all these  conditions are relatively rare.   

Naturism, like many lifestyle choices, is  a  learned behavior.  My naturism path started out as an interest, an experience, then grew into a passion that has now culminated in a naturist lifestyle.   Many of our interests, passions, and activates now revolve around a naturist lifestyle: most of our close friends are naturist, many of our vacation destinations are naturist resorts and cruises, we host and go to naturist parties and camp settings.

Naturism is such a part of my personality  that almost all my acquaintances are aware of this; I have nothing to hide- literally.  I find the vast majority of acquaintances  aware of my naturism are not judgmental; in fact  many have an interest but just cannot try it themselves due to perceived “social pressures and norms”

So how did I become a naturist.  Years  ago visiting an elderly aunt , I was asked an interesting question; “How did you become a naturist, your parents did not raise you this way?”  Her question, at first I thought  a bit caustic,  I then realized was inspired by her real interest, even though I knew she would never really understand.  But she  had a point there, and it got me thinking; how did I drift into this lifestyle?

Well,  I grew up in Los Alamos, the hidden city at the base of the lovely Jemez Mountains.   Among  the mountain’s many wonders are numerous hot springs.  Early in high school , many of my friends started hiking the mountains in search of the hot springs.  When we found them, the majority of the “soakers’ were nude; it was only natural.  It became obvious; being clothed in a hot spring just did not make sense.   What is the point of hiding behind a tree to put on a bathing suit, then relax in natural water with textiles, and then dash away in a wet, dripping, cold suit to change behind a tree.  

Well of course, very few people grow up with hot springs in their back yard, but many grow up with some exposure to private hot tubs and swimming pools, and thus face the same decision of nudity or not.

As I grew up I had ample more chances to visit hot springs- and better yet hot tubs and swimming pools.  It just made no sense to wear a dripping bathing suit around someone’s home.   Thus if the setting was/ is  correct, I never wear a bathing suit.  So I have to say I became a naturist due to practical reasons and have stayed with it due to the great experiences I have had.    But as a humorous close to this blog,  I also recall a question from an interested person who asked “What do you do when you get cold?”  The answer from a lady  naturist friend was; “ We put on clothes, were naturists, not idiots’.    

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