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American Association of Nude Recreation

AANR is a group of concerned nudists and owners of nudist resorts/spas located throughout the USA.  Their mission is to improve and protect nudist recreation rights and support the resorts that offer this type of recreation.  They have a visible and influential presence in both local goverment agencies and the Federal Government.


AANR has regional divisions which serve different areas within the USA.  Roadrunner Naturist Club belongs to AANR WEST which includes California, Arizona, New Mexico, Nevada, Utah and Hawaii.

The Naturist Society

TNS is a premier advocate of the nudist lifestyle.  It was founded by Lee Baxandall in 1980 and has efectively championed our cause ever since.  Lee passed away and the society is now owned and directed by Nicki Hoffman Lee.  TNS publishes a terrific quarterly magazine, “N”, that includes opinion articles and photojournalism articles about events and travels of the members.

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These two subgroups of TNS are focused on defending the rights of nudists to have locations where we can practice our lifestyle without harrassment from authorities or other individuals.  Designated nude beaches, park areas and hiking trails are of concern by the folks in these groups.  They also have legal representatives that defend nudists who happen to be involved with complaints, etc.  The NEF primarily is concerned with education issues as well as providing a resource archive containing historical information.

Commercial & Landed Nudist Resorts/Spas

Faywood Hot Springs, New Mexico

D&D Organic Haven Bed & Breakfast, Glenwood, New Mexico

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D&D 1

OLT - Valley View Hot Springs,  San Luis Valley, Colorado

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De Anza Springs, Jacumba,  California

Mira Vista Resort, Tucson, Arizona

Shangri La Resort, Arizona

Star Ranch, Austin, TX

Non-Landed Clubs

SunTree Travel Club, Las Cruces, NM


Young Naturists  America

State, Local & Federal Resources

State of New Mexico Hot Springs:  Some designated as clothing optional

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