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Visitor Information and Attendance Procedures

Visitor Information:

First time visitors are asked to attend a“Meet Up” session with one or two of our members. This meeting is held in a neutral place like a park or cafe, etc. It gives both parties a chance to decide whether the Club is a proper fit. The“Meet Up” members will be your first sponsor for the first event.

All events are inAlbuquerque or local area, unless otherwise stated.

Guests and new people are welcome. The fee is $10 at the door, or $5 for AANR members. (Science Geeks and the Readers Group do not have fees.) Guests are not asked to contribute food or drinks. 

You will need a valid drivers license or other government issued picture ID and your AANR/TNS card (if applicable). Also, guests will be asked to read our rules and regulations and sign a liability waiver during their first visit.

Guests should attend 2-3 events then they will be asked to join the club. (The Club tries to maintain a gender balance so there may be a waiting list for single males.)

Always remember to bring a towel, 2 towels if it is an event with a pool or hot tub (one to dry offwith and one to sit on.). It is good nudist etiquette to sit on a towel when nude.

Please remember to check back here as events may be added, changed, canceled, rescheduled or replaced with new events as the year progresses. This website calendar will contain the latest information and will have notifications about changes.

Important note to those attending our events:

To contact our representatives send an email to this address: 


Roadrunner naturists, as well as other organized nudist groups, ask for positive proof of identity for those persons attending a function for the first time.We do this to provide a safe, secure environment for those people who participate in our activities.This information (such as a state-issued photo Id and ANNR membership card) is retained in the club’s records and known only to the membership committee. This requirement is common to landed and travel clubs alike and serves to protect our member’s comfort and safety.

Need additional information?

Club Info Email: RoadRunnerNaturists@hotmail.com for up to date events and additional info.

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