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Membership Renewal

The Treasurer has sent out the membership renewal forms for the year 2023-2024.  Things are a bit different this time in that RR now has a PayPal account and you can simply transfer from your PayPal account into the Club's account.  A QR is included in the renewal notice for your convenience.  Annual Dues are:


                            Single             Couple

ANNR:               $44.00               $88.00

Roadrunners:   $16.00               $32.00

Total:                 $60.00               $120.00

Please pay your dues by Friday, May 19, 2023

The next meeting for the Roadrunner Readers is going will be in June, 2023.  The date/time/place will be announced later.  If you enjoy reading you might consider joining with this Special Interest Group of nudist avid readers who contribute to lively discussions of  both contemporary and historical literary works.

Keep you eye on this page for the latest information about RR Readers.

Roadrunners Shangri la Weekend,  May 24 - May 30, 2023

Roadrunners’ Shangri La Weekend

We are planning a long weekend over Memorial Day at the Shangri La Ranch in New River, AZ. Memorial Day weekend is from about May 24 through May 30, depending on how much time you wish to spend at Shangri La.  Click here for more information.

Bare Necessities Big Nude Cruise trip report and 2024 arrangements.  Make your plans now to attend this fun cruise that Roadrunner members have raved about in the past.

Go here for the report and details.

The Spring, 2023 issue of "N" magazine has a comprehensive accounting of Sky Farm, the first nudist club in the USA.  It includes first hand stories of some of the current members as well as historical tales by long-time members of the club.  If you have an interest in the history of nudism in our country please take the time to read the entire issue of "N".  The publication folks at TNSF have done a great job with this issue.

We are always in need of hosts for events. You do not need to have a hot tub or pool to host an event. Please contact: Any club officer (contact information is in the member only newsletter section of this site) or email to: RoadRunnerNaturists@hotmail.comif you can help the club out by hosting an event. Remember, it takes all of us to make our club a success!

Need additional information? Contact us!

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