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Roadrunner Events for November, December 2023

Roadrunner Events for November, December 2023

Roadrunner Events for January, February, March & April, 2024

  As you may know, The Roadrunners Naturists Club is a non-landed club.  That means we do not own or maintain a permanent building or site for our use.  Instead we "travel" to different places and homes for our events.  Landed clubs usually have a place that is dedicated to them and most of their events take place at that site.  Laguna del Sol in California is an example of a landed club.  It is a commercial resort that also has a membership of around 1800 people.  Landed clubs like laguna del Sol usually have rules that allow non-members to visit and take part in the festivities.  

  Some of our members really like Mira Vista in Tucson.  It is relatively close to our location and has nice accommodations that are available for the use of non-members.  So, some Roadrunners are planning a trip to Tucson with a stay at Mira Vista from 1 April, 2024 to 4 April, 2024.  This will be an excellent opportunity for members of Roadrunners to kick back and relax in the Arizona Spring season.  We invite guests to spend this time with us at Mira Vista and experience our nudist club get-togethers.  If you are curious about nudism and the operations of our club this will be an excellent time to learn about us and to become acquainted with some of our most knowledgeable members.

  The Roadrunner Naturists Club is not making any reservations or securing "blocks" of rooms, etc.  Individual members are responsible for those arrangements.  Also, dining and other plans are up to the members.

  When you make your reservation with Mira Vista please mention that you will be part of the Roadrunner Naturists group.  You may get some consideration for that.  Also, AANR & TNS members will get the usual discounts that are part of those memberships.  


7501 N Wade Rd, Tucson, AZ 85743

 (520) 744-2355


Bare Necessities Big Nude Cruise trip report and 2024 arrangements.  Make your plans now to attend this fun cruise that Roadrunner members have raved about in the past.

Go here for the report and details.

We are always in need of hosts for events. You do not need to have a hot tub or pool to host an event. Please contact: Any club officer (contact information is in the member only newsletter section of this site) or email to: roadrunnernaturists@hotmail.comif you can help the club out by hosting an event. Remember, it takes all of us to make our club a success!

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