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You never realize how much knowledge and talent resides in a group until the time comes that individuals have the opportunity to demonstrate that knowledge . Lately, the Roadrunners have started two discussion groups—one is a Reader’s Group and the other is a Science Geek Discussion Group— and the initial meetings of these groups have shown that there is a great amount of both talent and interest in these subdivisions of the Roadrunner Naturists Club. The readers have completed one book and have choosen a second one to read during the next month. Their plan is to read a work during every 4-5 weeks then meet and discuss the book and author. To hear the impressions of others about the same work is an enlightening experience and shows that not all of us come with the same background and reference points, etc. Some readers are concerned with the realism of the story while others are more into the ideology that the author expresses. The reader’s group is a great experience and stimulates the mind to consider all aspects of the book. 

The Science Geeks explored the latest contemporary discovery of a possible 9th planet existing in the outer reaches of our solar system. The discussion leader explaned the organization and historical changes to the solar system as well as its relationship to the Kaiper Belt objects which led to the current thinking that there is a huge Neptune sized planet orbiting around the currently known objects and influencing their behavior. The members of the group are certainly not PhD scientists and the group leader did a great job of tailoring the discussion so everyone was able to grasp the concepts and understand most of the ideas. He also had made some physical devices that really helped demonstrate the nature of orbits and how objects are positioned as they travel through space. This group has chosen a new topic for the next session in March. They are going to look into the “hot” topic of GMOs. 

These two groups meet at members’ homes and are a good example of how the nudist lifestyle can be successfully incorporated with other interests. Members should feel free to contact a member of either group if you are interested in joining. There is a limit to the viable number of members but there are a couple of openings in each group as of now. Use the contact phone or email address to find out who to contact if you don’t know of the members.

The Roadrunner Readers just finished "The Girl in the Spider’s Web” by David Lagercrantz. It is the fourth in the Lisbeth Salander series set in Sweden. The first three books were written by Stieg Larsson and the entire set is called the Millennium Series.

The first Larsson book was so innovative and unusual that it created massive interest throughout the world and was translated into many languages. Three films were made of the story — two European and one American. It created lots of interest in other Scandinavian authors, like Jo Nesbo, which they still enjoy. The weather, location and structure of the agencies in this areas surely contribute to the types of stories that have been written there. 

This latest book was a difficult read because it involved too many characters and too many different story lines. The reader has to really pay attention to keep track of the threads that weave the tales. It is not a “I can’t put it down” book like the first in the series. I suppose if our group was a rating group we would give it a 2 1/2 stars our of 5. 

Next we are reading “Assata” by Assata Shakur, the autobiography of a member of the Black Panther Party during its heyday. She lived in exile in Cuba for many years and this book was written there. 

Also, we are compiling a list of possible works to read and would like for the other members of the Roadrunners to offer suggestions about their favorite good reads and we welcome any members who would like to join our group. It is great fun to present one’s opinion about a book and to see how your opinion differs or is the same as others. We have a good time discussing the characters and story lines in the books we read. Come join us!!

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