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Is Naturism For Me?

You may be confused about the two main words that describe our naked way of life.   Nudism and naturism have much in common but mean different things to those who use them.  Naturism seems to describe more of a wholistic way of being nude in that it includes concern for the natural environment and how humans fit into that environment.  It implies that we are more natural and comfortable when nude and that we fit easily the natural world.  

Nudism seems to explain situations where we are naked either alone or with others.  You can be sitting at home or at a nudist resort enjoying the surroundings and maybe not have an understanding or concern for the natural world.  

Neither definition is the absolute only one but some organizations like to use one or the other to better define their group.  The Naturists Society chose that name because was more inclusive and better explained their purpose and the role they expected to fill in society.  Another group is the American Association for Nude Recreation, AANR, and it has not adopted the naturists wording and their organization name indicates that the purpose of the association is a bit more narrow in scope.  AANR has individual members as well as landed club members.  AANR represents clubs and provides educational services for them which includes government relations, and public relations. 

So, if you are thinking of trying out the naked way of life, does it matter what you call yourself?  If you want to describe yourself to another they might find it easier to understand "nudist" than "naturist".  Some even confuse "naturist" with "naturalist" which is a term for one who studies or is concerned with natural world.  I suppose one could be a nudist-naturalist though but they are not too common.  The bottom line is that it does not matter much what you call yourself.  What does matter is that you just do it!

Once you decide to give naturism a try you will find it easier than you think.  This website has a "Steps to Nudism" page that is included in the "Real Nudism" section.  Read over those suggestions and ease into being a nudist slowly.  As you get more adventursome you will find that you will be looking for places to be nude and for groups who share the same interest.  

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There seems to be much more interest in nudism these days.  The internet has expanded our capabilities to outreach and let others know what we do and why we do it.  Hopefully, this blog page will serve that purpose.  We'll see how it goes.


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