Roadrunner Annual Meeting & Elections

Sunday, September 22.  12-3  p.m.  

Beth & Joe have invited us to hold our annual meeting at their home in NW Albuquerque.  This will be club provided pizza. We will have a business meeting during which we will elect officers and board members for 2020.  There are a couple of things to remember:  

1.  You can vote using the proxy that will be sent out a couple of weeks in advance of the meeting.  However, you must get it into the hands of the person charged with voting your interest so don't delay until the last minute to do this. The proxy may not include a complete slate of the candidates and you are simply relying on the person to be your trustee and vote your interest. Your interests and those of the proxy bearer can be entirely different. 

2. You can nominate candidates for officers or member representatives from the floor during the meeting.  We will provide an opportunity for this and you should expect to be asked support your nomination with a short explanation which should include the qualifications of your candidate, etc.

3.  Directions to the meeting will be included with the proxies.

Please RSVP so we can have a reasonable estimate of the amount of food required.


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