Friday - Sunday May 5 - 7, 2017  T or C weekend.


The Way It Was!!

Once again the club is going to have the annual T or C event (May 5-7), but we have decided to hold the event at a different hot springs spa/ motel; The Fire Water Lodge.  Both "The Charles" and "The Pelican" have been fine but a new venue would spice things up.  The Fire Water Lodge (FWL) is almost adjacent to "The Pelican".    The FWL has an excellent website at;

The date for this event was moved to early May for two reasons.  It should not be so hot and also this weekend is the annual  T or C  fiesta- with different events going on around town.

Like the Pelican, the FWL has a central  courtyard that is surrounded by six rooms and a communal kitchen.  The manager, who was delighted to hear we want to stay there, has no problem with us all being nude in the courtyard.   The courtyard has a fountain, BBQ, communal tub (but only of moderate size), several shade trees/ areas, and public benches and seats.   All six rooms, although smaller than many  of "The Pelican's" rooms, have colorful hot tubs, refrigerators, microwaves, coffee makers, cable TV, and free Wi-Fi.

In addition to these six  courtyard rooms, there are two rooms directly across the street and a cottage, "The Yellow Cottage", which is about five blocks away.

Regardless of where members stay, and even at other hotels, all the RR members will be able to come over to the  FWL courtyard.

The FWL manager, Richard, has already blocked-out ALL of his rooms  for us  the nights of May 5th and 6th- and this was even without a deposit. 

Any members wanting to attend must book their own reservations directly with FWL (575-740-0315).  When making reservations, mention you are with the Roadrunners; otherwise you will be told that are no vacancies. If you plan to attend make reservations soon, before all the FWL rooms are  reserved.

Although Doug and Rona are organizing this event, they are not involved at all in making of managing reservations.

Preliminary plans for the T or C event are as follows.  On Saturday the current plan is to go boating on the lake and on Sunday morning do the rafting again (water level dependent).  Naturally there will be the happy hour and potluck socials.  

So plan ahead for another fun filled weekend at T or C.


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