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Special Event Announcement

Roadrunner Faywood Fall Follies 29 Sept. - 1 Oct.


It’s Time to Make Your Reservations!

Once a year we migrate south to the warm waters of Faywood Hot Springs. This year we will be there from Friday Evening, September 29th to Sunday Morning, October 1st--check out 11:00 a.m. Make your reservation directly with Faywood (575) 536-9663. Tell them you are with Roadrunner Naturists. There are a few cabins, places to pitch a tent and RV spaces with hook ups, & nude camping spaces with no hook-ups.  There are many hot pools, different temperatures, some clothing optional, some not. We go to the clothing optional pools, of course.

This is a pretty casual affair.  The hot springs are too hot during the heat of the day, so mostly you’ll find your friends there in the early morning before breakfast and after dark around 8 or 9 p.m.  During the daytime, most of us like to go sightseeing.  The City of Rocks is right next door for a pleasant little drive and hike.  Deming has a great little museum, and southeast of Deming is the Rockhound State park.

 Silver City has a world-class museum of the Mimbres culture, and the city’s museum.  Cool pubs and eateries add to the enjoyment.  Usually people work out these trips on their own, or with friends. 

Friday evening at Beth & Joe’s RV the Sundance 5th wheel, located in front of the recreation room --Happy Hour will start about 5:00 p.m. The club will furnish heavy hors d’oevres. Please join us! If weather is bad we’ll move inside.

Saturday evening at 6:00 p.m. we’ll have a pot luck dinner in the recreation room.  Beth will have her little BBQ and Treena will have her flat grill so if you want to cook some meat on the grill, you may. The club will supply all the plates cups, bowls, silverware & napkins for these two functions.

Saturday Evening from 8:00 to 10:00 there will be a group soak in one of the large private pools. 

In the morning on Sunday, we will have a farewell pot luck breakfast at 8:00

If you are planning to come, please e-mail Treena to coordinate what you are bringing for the pot lucks and where you are staying.


June, 2017

Well, we have so far visited T or C, floated around on Elephant Butte Lake and worked doing some naked gardening.  Not a bad record for the beginning of the year.  

The coming Summer months prove to be as exciting and interesting as the first months have been.  Our weather will be less windy, warmer and have lots of sunlight hours.  June will be perfect for nudists.  Our calendar is filled with events that include BBQs, swimming, and serious stuff like solstice celebrations.  Meet with your fellow club members and take advantage of these opportunities to have some good times.

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Important Information For T or C Event Attendees

Hello all.  We owe Doug & Rona our thanks for organizing the T or C Weekend.  It takes hours of time and lots of effort to pull together all of the arrangements and to make it all happen.  These two Roadrunner members have gone above and beyond the call of duty and we all are going to benefit.


It is a cold weekend now (some 12 inches of snow here in the East Mountains now ) but think of warm/hot  T or C event next weekend; the weather is suppose to be in the mid 80s, dry,  and sunny- a perfect setting for being naked. 


Due to the large turnout we will be using three pontoon boats, instead of two.  This will be much better because the maximum capacity per boat (12 each) would make for a very crowded boat.  As the Marina del Sur folks told me "you best be slender and really like each other if you have 12 per boat" HA.  

They also report that the lake level is higher than recent years and going up by some 4 inches per day- sounds great.

Folks going on the pontoon boats (Saturday, May 6, 12:00 noon until  3:00) will need to carpool to Marina del Sur-about a 15 minute drive.  From Fire Water you have to go left on 1-way Broadway; continue until you get to Third Street (the STOP LIGHT) and take a right.  Continue until you see a sign that says "Elephant Butte" left turn (a couple of miles, maybe) and take a left (this is close to the put in for rafting).  

Continue until it dead-ends at a T and take a left (I think this is Hy 195 but you can only go left).  Entrance to Elephant Butte State Park will be on the right less than a mile up the road.  $5 per car entrance fee unless you have a yearly Day Pass.  Once in the park, veer right down to the marina (campgrounds to the left).  You'll see the pier/walkway out to the marina offices where the pontoons will be.  There is a little store there, too.

Although expected to be warm and sunny bring some layers. Also bring a swimsuit- HA whats that, in addition to your birthday suit (but the water is on the cold side).  Who knows, we may find a private cove to be naked in.  Also bring any water toys (supersoaker squirt guns) and whatever.

RIVER RAFTING INFORMATION.  (Sunday, May 7, 10:00)

As with the previous years, this event does not require paying in advance nor committing to do this rafting but it would be great to get some rough estimate  of how may people are interested.  This would sure help "Capt. Bob" of White Water Weekends ( anticipate the rafts needed.

Sadly, Capt Bob is in a hospital in Albuquerque recovering from a bad case of pneumonia.  But his wife "First mate, Vicki" and friends are still running the business and anticipate our participation.

Evidently the river volume  is running well "above normal" and thus a good river rafting experience.  However, due to the colder than normal spring the river water is colder and thus Vicki is not offering the individual float tubes where you sit in the water.  However the 2 person kayaks and the 8 person rafts are available. But remember the rafts have drain holes in them so your feet will be wet. Please go to the website above for more info.

The cost per person is $10 (and tip if you desire) to be paid directly to Vicki at the time of the event.  Participants will need to meet at Rotary Park where the raft trip ends, which  is only about  3 minutes from the Fire Water Lodge.  As in the past, Vicki will provide bus transportation to the starting point.


Although Doug is sort of "organizing this event", he and Rona sadly will not be going due to other commitments.  The river rafting has been a popular event in the past and is well worth it.


As already stated in previous e-mails, FWL is totally full with club members- even the rooms across the street are reserved.  So we can naked throughout!!!!.   The manager, Richard, is basically a naturist and will probably even join us.  Club members staying at other locations are free to come and go from FWL.  


There are some charcoal BBQ grills on the patio (charcoal supplied) , but if anyone prefers a propane grill, they will need to bring it.

Also there is a fire pit but no FWL supplied wood.  Feel free to bring any wood.

Please go to the Fire Water Lodge website ( for any info.


The provided happy hour will be at 6:00 Friday, at the FWL patio.  But this is a BYOB since the club does not provide liquor.

The potluck is at 6:00 Saturday.  Please use the Roadrunners website to coordinate food.

So this weekend will be a great time.  In addition, this is Cinco de Mayo weekend and also the annual T or C Fiesta.  Please goggle "TorC Fiesta 2017 for additional information.  So something is going on for everyone.


World Naked Gardening Day is May 6, 2017

Now is the time to get things in shape for the summer months.  Expand your nude horizons and get out to get it done.


Take a look here for the official website:

April, 2017

April and September seem to symbolize both the end and the beginning of calendar periods and seasons.  We always look forward to both months for that reason.  In April, Winter is fading and Spring is budding out all around.  We really like the increased daylight and warm days that start to happen.  For nudists, the temperatures above 50 deg.f. provide perfect days to start to venture outside of your place and feel the confort and freedom that being out in nature provides.  There is lots to do also.  Winter weather can damage your trees, flower beds and walkways in addition to roofs, windows and the rest of the external parts of the house.  Performing these repairs in the nude can be a great experience.  However, there are lots of jobs that should never be attempted without some sort of protective clothing.  For instance, operating a chain saw to trim broken branches is really not a good idea.  In fact the operation of any sort of power tool should  be really analyzed critically before sheding your clothes.  Things like washing the car and cleaning sidewalks provide nudist opportunities though.  Of course, the sun now is brighter and up longer and it is easy to forget about overexposure of your white tail to its damaging rays.  Always use sunscreen and plenty of it.  Our club members should always be informed of the risks and dangers of sun cancer.  We are lucky to have the climate that supports outdoor activities for most of the year but that climate has disadvantages that we have to be aware of.

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April, 2017 Events

The club has one April event on Saturday, April 15, 2017.  From 11 a.m. till 3:00 p.m. we will have a Naked Easter Egg Hunt at Beth & Joe's place.  This outdoor/indoor event will include finding hidden eggs in their wonderful garden setting.  Hunting for Easter Eggs without clothes is almost as much fun as skinny-dipping.  Check the calendar for more information about this event and don't forget to RSVP.

May T or C, NM Weekend

Don't forget that the T or C weekend is just around the corner on May 5,6,7.  It appears that this weekend will be a fun packed few days in the "Hot Springs Capital" of New Mexico.  Some of you probably do not know that T or C used to be Hot Springs, NM until they accepted an offer from a radio program to host the broadcast there if the city would change its name to Truth or Consequences.  They did just that and Ralph Edwards took his program to this sleepy town in NM. Just when you think you have heard it all someone comes up with a stunt like that.

Important Note:  Those who haven't ponied up the funds for the Elephant Butte Pontoon trip should make it a point to send your money to Joe, the Treasurer, right away so the money guys can finalize the transaction and make sure there will be room for all.  See a previous email for mailing address information, etc.

Note:  Details and RSVP forms for the May and June events will be populated on the web site very soon.

Second Note:  Make sure you read the latest AANR Bulletin.  The new format is great.  It is less like a newspaper and more like a magazine that includes stories, advice, governmental association news and club activities.  Some are thinking about reverting to the hard copy version instead of the "e" version because it will make a great conversation piece when you leave it on the coffee table.


March, 2017

The Roadrunners Naturist Club is thinking of trying some Naturist Bush Walking this spring and would like to invite you to attend our first event.  This event may be pretty dicey since we do not know if or how we fit in the legality of the state.  The plan is to just set off on a fairly remote trail and see what happens.  We will chose a National Forest location since there are no laws against nudity in U.S. administered properties.  However they do defer to local municiplities and if these folks have a problem they may have the local sheriff, etc. get involved.  The idea is to chose a location that will be relatively less used and hopefully we will encounter no one, much less someone who would be upset seeing some naked folks hiking on the same trail.  These hikes will be at an elevation of between 7'000 and 9'000 ft so you should do a realistic assessment of your ability to hike at this altitude.  We will start with a 5 mile round trip hike and see how it goes.  We will publish the first hike and meeting location soon.  Let us know if you are interested in this type of event.


     Do you ever do something like drive down the street and then think about what effort it takes for that experience to be a good one?  For instance, engineers have to properly design the layout, contstruction workers have to lay pavement and sidewalks as well as build the drainage system, electricians have to wire signals and programmers have to program the PLCs that control the traffic lights and finally maintenance people have to constantly make this stuff work.  

    We may take for granted some of the priviledges that we nudists have gained over the years.  AANR is the type of organization that constantly strives to make things better for us in the naturist community.  For over 8 decades they have championed the causes against pretty tough odds and still are in the front when new challenges present themselves.  The Government Affairs Team, GAT,  chaired by Tim Mullins consistantly monitors legislative actions and proposed legislation and the members of the team do not hesitate to present our views whether in person at hearings or by written responses to the concerned political bodies.  They will represent members and clubs at the local community as well as at the state and national levels.  Their experience with these efforts can be a terrific meaningful resource to clubs like ours and we should remember to use it when we have this type of concern.  All we have to do is let GAT know about a problem and they will help us out.  As the political climate changes there may be those who want to take away some to the gains we have made and we must be well aware of those threats and not hesitate to challenge them.  We want to expand our priviledges and rights, not deminish them.

    AANR is important in other respects as well.  The Bulletin is packed with meaningful articles that pertain to our way of life.  These works not only reflect the experiences of others, they also offer information about topics like: sun exposure, make-up use, travel, spas, nudist pride, and other items of interest.  The columns by the Executive Director and President always include very insightful observations that have meaning for the members.  The Bulletin also offers a classified ad service and advertising opportunities for resorts, etc.  

    ANNR provides benefits and services that make it well worth our annual contributions.



Coming Events for March.

March 15, 2017, Wednesday, 5-9 p.m.  Mid week event.  Ides of March Toga Party in NW ABQ. Follow this link for details.

March 28, 2017, Roadrunner Readers meet at Cafe Farm, Tijeras, NM  12:30 p.m.


The Roadrunner Readers are currently reading a book about the next possible pandemic.  This group really reads an ecclectic array of books and this has proven to make the book group an interesting addition to the activities of the club.  They have read works like "Assata", a tale of the Black Panther Party during the 1960's and later.  Another book by an Icelandic mystery writer proved to be a story that really held the readers' interest and whetted appetites for others in the Detective Erlander series.  If you are a reader feel free to visit the Roadrunner Readers Group at their next meeting on 28 March, 2017.


Past Events

The Marti Gras celebration on Sunday, March 4, drew about 23 members to the East Mountains for a great event.  Of course, we did not have enough food, HA!, but the conversation was interesting and the hosts place is perfect for this type of event.  Their green-house and hot tub are exactly what the doctor ordered on a pleasant Spring-like day at 6'000 ft.  We have some new members and hope they felt very welcome.   


Naturism Article

Here is a URL for an interesting article from on the other side of the pond, as they say.


February, 2017


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     Of all of the false arguments around one of the most used is the "deferring to a higher authority" argument.  It is real easy to say something like " those folks in California are much more ahead of us as far as nudism is concerned".  Also, to say that "I was in XYZ club and they had more interesting events, government intervention and interesting membership so I don't understand why we cannot be like them".  To defer to a higher authority means that the statement cannot be verified or proved due to distance, organization or inability to contact those referenced.    So, if I move to the South West and say that the tax situation in New Jersey is much better it is very difficult to argue that point due to distance, connections or ability to analyze the situation in both locations.

  The point is that when someone references the great organization where they used to be members one should ask them exactly what did they like about it.  If nude mountain hiking is a topic I doubt that New Jersey would be better than New Mexico.  If naked friendly climates are a topic the climate here cannot be beat anywhere except possibly Baja California, MX.  The clubs in So. California are eager to organize car pools for their members to use when attending events.  We can learn from that but it is not a crucial issue here.  

  We want to grow our group and attract as many folks that are interested in the nudist lifestyle.  We can listen carefully to new members and others and construct a club that fits their needs.  Just because an idea came from So. California doesn't mean that it has no merit.  We shoud encourage folks to tell us what they would like to see and how it worked at their previous nudist club.  We should be open to any and all suggestions about event content and be willing to try it.  Nude archery & bowling comes to mind.  Most of us have no skills in these areas but it might turn out to be a great outing.  Nude hiking also might fit with certain segments of our membership.  I think we have to "think outside of the box" in order to come up with interesting things for us to implement.  

  There are many false argument categories and anyone who has taken a critical thinking course recognizes those easily.  The way we respond to these arguments is what will determine progress for a group like ours.  If we embrace suggestions openly we will not only make the member comfortable but it will widen our spectrum and our events will be more meaningful and attractive.  

  Don't hesitate to suggest any type of event or any direction that you would like to see the club take.  We, the BOD, will welcome your contribution and make an effort to see if it fits into our plan.  This is your club and we hope you will express yourself in order to make it better


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Featured Resort 

The Orient Land Trust, OLT- Valley View Hot Springs as we know it, has been a favorite destination of nudists for over 30 years.  Located at the top of the San Luis Valley of Colorado just south of the town of Salida, Valley View is situated on 2300 acres of mountainside property.  Hot springs are the major attraction and the resort offers cabins, RV spaces as well as tent sites for campers.  

The resort is managed and operated by a board of trustees and a team of employees.  Changes and improvements are performed by volunteers who donate their time and talents. 

Valley View Things to Do

Soak & relax in the various hot springs.

Explore Orient Mine

Witness Bat Flight from Mine Entrance

Hike naked in the many trails through 2300 acres of mountain terrain.

Join OLT & volunteer to work on improvements.

Become a governing board member. 



Jamuary, 2017


       When nudists are asked why they practice this lifestyle they will give about as many different reasons as the number of people  questioned.  “Freedom” is probably the most common description heard.  The amazing sense of freedom that being without clothes is refreshing and important to many nudists.  Others will say that they are “comfortable” being nude and recall their first days of skinny-dipping, etc.  Also, the “One With Nature” feeling that some experience is a common reason.  The feeling of total honesty that people experience draws some to being nudists.   It is hard to be other than what you are when totally exposed.  

      The mentioned reasons are all valid, of course, but when questioned further most nudists say that the most important aspect of social nudism is acceptance.  Acceptance of others as they are and acceptance of yourself contributes to the relaxed, comfortable feeling that most of us feel when practicing social nudism.  We know that very few of us meet the “standards” and that none of us are perfect.  We accept the fact that we have scars, rolls, sizes and colors that are not perfect but that is entirely o.k. since we are accepted as we are.  When conversing with another nudist most of the time you are looking directly into their eyes unlike when clothed where you might be looking at their outfit or other adornments.  This aspect of nudism along with tolerance of others makes for a meaningful way to live and socialize with others. 

     So, the next time someone asks why you are now a nudist or are thinking of becoming one think seriously about the  answer you give and respond with the one that has the most meaning to you.  You will be surprised at the reactions that you might get.

Today’s Quote

“Find those you agree with and join them.”

E.F. Schumacher, ca. 1965

Here we plan to keep the membership informed of the latest happenings and events organized by the Roadrunner Naturist Club.  Additionally, we will discuss topics of interest and reprint news, opinions and articles from other publications that we think will be interesting to our group.  We ask the membership to submit any suggestions, opinions, rants and raves.  If we find them suitable we will publish them.

Roadrunner Event Calendar

Events have been added to our calendar for 2017 and are included here.  We have included a Google Calendar for those who like to scan blocks of time while deciding which events fit their schedule.  We have also included a printable page that includes all of the events for the year.  This a handy tool for the  refridgerator door folks who like to keep the events listed all in one place.  The calendar page has a brief description of each event and a link to more details.  The member can scan the coming months to find out what is happening and choose the events that interest him/her.  

To review the event details the member can click on the “Details/RSVP”.  Then to let the hosts know that the member intends to attend the event he/she can click on the “RSVP” link, complete the online form and submit it.    

With few exceptions, “ RSVP" links are only included for the next 2-3 months because we think that will be sufficient time for the hosts to plan as well as for the members to firm up their schedules.

Remember to recheck the calendar page before attending an event.  Schedules change and your printed-off form may not be the latest and greatest.  Also, it is necessary to RSVP to the hosts and if changes have happened they will advise you about them.

This procedure has been in beta testing for a few months now and seems to work well.  If you have suggestions for improvements let the web-guy know.

AANR E-Bulletin

    One of the meaningful benefits of belonging to an AANR affiliated club is the monthly AANR E-Bulletin.  This publication contains informative articles about our lifestyle that can explain and reenforce your ideas and convictions about living nude.  


The latest issue, January, 2017, is a shining example of what this publication should be about.  Dan Whicker, the new Executive Director, writes about “No Comparison” and brings home some of the questions we all have had about ourselves and others.  He gets right down to it when he expresses the need to question the views of persons who are hesitant because they are not “perfect” in one way or another.  Dan has a very good writing style and we are fortunate to be able to read his articles.


On a sad note, there is a short notice about the death of Allen Alexander.  His wife, Cheri, started Travelites Club and is still active in its operation.  


Bev Price, AANR President, writes an article about FUN.  She has a good perspective about what we should be looking for as part of our way of life.


Tim Mullens, the Governmant Affairs Chair, always has serious information about governmental relations with folks trying to promote nudism around the USA.  He and his group tirelessly present arguments at all levels of government and struggle to maintain the rights we have and enjoy.  If you do not read any other part of the E-Bulletin you should read Tim’s section. 


The article on European Nude Spas by Ron Levin points out how different the folks over there are and how easily they relate to nudism and public nudity.  Hopefully, we will experience more acceptance and change in the attitudes of both our public and our public officials.  "Here’s to hoping that some of this European mindset and their textile-free wellness paradises make their way over to the land of the free.”  I think we all can agree with that statement.

This months E-Bulletin includes articles on family projects, books & movies, and workout planning.  Some AANR staff members wrote about their first nudist experience at a commercial spa while others tell about nude beach outings.  They share stories that  we all can identify with.

The E-Bulletin always has a club section and usually spotlight one club.  The Sandy Bares is written about in this issue.

Also, there is an article by Joan Harris, WINR Chair, about Women in Nude Recreation.  Women with questions and concerns will find this short work interesting.  The current E-Bulletin is packed with other articles about clubs, travel, cooking, health, some children’s puzzles and even a Nudist Bill of Rights.  

Another aspect of the newsletter is the classified ads and commercial advertisements that members and businesses place there.  These advertisements show how others have lived and spent their years living the nudist lifestyle.  You might start to wonder if it is possible to have a park model at Turtle Lake for summer use and spend the winters in another park in Arizona.  There are all types of accomodations available at all prices and it makes you really consider the possibilities. 

This is just a brief touch on this very important publication by AANR.  The new design and layout is great, easy to read and packed with new attractive articles and photos.  It is worth your time to sit down and become informed about AANR, our lifestyle and the experiences of others.     


FFN estimates that in the past three years alone, the number of naturists in France has leaped from 1.5 million to 2 million.

By Gary Mussell  (Article published in the SCNA Newsletter, Ocotber 2016.  Reprinted here with permission.)

In 2009, this newsletter reported on a steep decline in top freedom and nudity in France. At the time, Gen-Xers expressed their disapproval with their parent’s promotion of nudity and semi-nudity at seaside resorts and beaches, claiming it was promoting skin cancer. There was also a dramatic rise of cell phone cameras and the potential for photos to be placed on the Internet without permission.

Nudists around the world lamented the loss of what had always been the world capital for top freedom. A 2008 poll found 24% of French women were perturbed by top freedom on beaches, while 57% said it was OK only in a private garden. A law was passed that along the beaches that line the nearby Seine River, topless sunbathing was punishable with a fine of €15,000 per offense. Then things began to change. The children of the Gen Xers, the Millennials, rediscovered the health benefits and body freedom of not wearing clothes, and they became more comfortable with nude tweets. It was also a way of protesting against their parent’s rules and values. “Young people are using nudity as one of many ways to speak out against authority,” said Jacques Freeman, the head of communication at APNEL (Association for the Promotion of Naturism and Liberty). “Nudity is understood as freedom from their parent’s culture.”

Many females choose to become naturists in order to make a feminist statement, he explained. “In being naked they feel empowered.”  The recent surge in immigrants from the Middle East may also be a factor, as the French seem to be rebelling against the newcomer’s demands for more modesty on the streets and separate beaches for Muslim women where only burkas may be worn.

Yves Leclerc, the vice-president of French Federation of Naturism, said that young French couples with children were particularly responsible for the new surge in interest. “ young couples are attracted to naturist camping holidays because there is a far greater sense of family and conviviality in these spaces," he said. “The spirit of these campsites is far more about tranquility, security and conviviality." He added that the camps were an excellent place for children to play and learn.

Many naturist holiday campsites are specifically family- orientated and provide a secure and communal environment as well as activities for naturist families, he explained. The Fédération Française de Naturisme - FFN (French Federation of Naturism) is reporting an increase of 40 percent in memberships between 2014 and 2015 alone. In a reply to a newspaper article about the sudden trend reversal, Eric John, a local tourist wrote: “The last time I visited Cassis/Calanques was 10 years ago and only remember there being a few topless sunbathers. But I was there again in June and I was struck how many people were going full natural.

Another reason might have been a TV promotional campaign last April by the French tourist bureau in Atout, France, that targeted the typically prudish Brits to come to France for its "naturist environments.” “For the naturist,  France offers the chance to enjoy a free lifestyle in any environment you wish." The ad went viral in social media for several months.

A few weeks ago, the Green Party in Paris proposed a law that would designate a nudist park area within the city similar to parks that exist in Germany. The Nudist Association of Paris (ANP) claims 372 members and say current facilities for them are cramped.  One such area could be alongside Daumesnil Lake in Bois de Vincennes to the east of the city. The Paris City Council announced plans to turn the lake into a public swimming zone by 2019, and the nudists are asking for a designated area there. Deputy mayor Bruno Julliard has expressed support for the nudist proposal.  France now boasts a full 460 spaces totally dedicated to naturists, most of which are camps or colonies. There are also 73 naturist beaches, 35 bed and breakfasts, and 24 nudist swimming pools.

copyright: SCNA Newsletter for October 2016 

Male Tale

I can identify with the LGBTQ folks since I was a closet nudist for many years.  It wasn’t that I was afraid of social nudism.  It was, instead, that I was very busy with raising our son and trying to make a living and actually did not do much joining at all.  When possible, I would work in the yard nude and of course swim in lakes or rivers and sometimes even cross country ski in the nude.  But the idea of socializing with others was not on my agenda.  I did not broadcast that I liked to be nude but the family certainly knew.

Then, after retirement, I had some time to consider things and decided that I wanted to try joining a social nudist club.  We had visited commercial resorts in other states and although it was fun we did not know anyone there and a few days was just enough to perk my interest.  I corresponded with Cheri of Travelites Club and she was very supportive and described the many benefits of belonging to a club.  Others reinforced her opinions and I began to investigate the local possibilities.

About 3 1/2 years ago I joined Roadrunner Naturists and now am on the Board of Directors.  It is a vibrant, active group with a broad cross-section of members from all aspects of life.  It is much like I expected and we are working to expand our club by adding interesting sub-groups.  

If I have anything to say in the way of advice it is this:  “Don’t wait until it is too late.  Do it now and you will not regret it.”

One Adult Male’s Story


My wife and I practice a social  naturist (nudist) lifestyle.  Now what does that mean, to  practice this  lifestyle.  Well in today’s  American society, normally  one can only be nude  in isolation or with their significant other. Social (with other people) naturism is  generally not understood or worse yet, misunderstood as a sexual practice .  So we can only practice this lifestyle when conditions permit; which means the correct social setting, with other likeminded people, and warm enough temperatures to be nude; cumulatively all these  conditions are relatively rare.   

Naturism, like many lifestyle choices, is  a  learned behavior.  My naturism path started out as an interest, an experience, then grew into a passion that has now culminated in a naturist lifestyle.   Many of our interests, passions, and activates now revolve around a naturist lifestyle: most of our close friends are naturist, many of our vacation destinations are naturist resorts and cruises, we host and go to naturist parties and camp settings.

Naturism is such a part of my personality  that almost all my acquaintances are aware of this; I have nothing to hide- literally.  I find the vast majority of acquaintances  aware of my naturism are not judgmental; in fact  many have an interest but just cannot try it themselves due to perceived “social pressures and norms”

So how did I become a naturist.  Years  ago visiting an elderly aunt , I was asked an interesting question; “How did you become a naturist, your parents did not raise you this way?”  Her question, at first I thought  a bit caustic,  I then realized was inspired by her real interest, even though I knew she would never really understand.  But she  had a point there, and it got me thinking; how did I drift into this lifestyle?

Well,  I grew up in Los Alamos, the hidden city at the base of the lovely Jemez Mountains.   Among  the mountain’s many wonders are numerous hot springs.  Early in high school , many of my friends started hiking the mountains in search of the hot springs.  When we found them, the majority of the “soakers’ were nude; it was only natural.  It became obvious; being clothed in a hot spring just did not make sense.   What is the point of hiding behind a tree to put on a bathing suit, then relax in natural water with textiles, and then dash away in a wet, dripping, cold suit to change behind a tree.  

Well of course, very few people grow up with hot springs in their back yard, but many grow up with some exposure to private hot tubs and swimming pools, and thus face the same decision of nudity or not.

As I grew up I had ample more chances to visit hot springs- and better yet hot tubs and swimming pools.  It just made no sense to wear a dripping bathing suit around someone’s home.   Thus if the setting was/ is  correct, I never wear a bathing suit.  So I have to say I became a naturist due to practical reasons and have stayed with it due to the great experiences I have had.    But as a humorous close to this blog,  I also recall a question from an interested person who asked “What do you do when you get cold?”  The answer from a lady  naturist friend was; “ We put on clothes, were naturists, not idiots’.    

Roadrunner Discussion Groups

Discussion Groups

You never realize how much knowledge and talent resides in a group until the time comes that individuals have the opportunity to demonstrate that knowledge .  Lately, the Roadrunners have started two discussion groups—one is a Reader’s Group and the other is a Science Geek Discussion Group— and the initial meetings of these groups have shown that there is a great amount of both talent and interest in these subdivisions of the Roadrunner Naturists Club.  The readers have completed one book and have choosen a second one to read during the next month.  Their plan is to read a work during every 4-5 weeks then meet and discuss the book and author.  To hear the impressions of others about the same work is an enlightening experience and shows that not all of us come with the same background and reference points, etc.  Some readers are concerned with the realism of the  story while others are more into the ideology that the author expresses.  The reader’s group is a great experience and stimulates the mind to consider all aspects of the book.  

The Science Geeks explored the latest contemporary discovery of a possible 9th planet existing in the outer reaches of our solar system.  The discussion leader explaned the organization and historical changes to the solar system as well as its relationship to the Kaiper Belt objects which led to the current thinking that there is a huge Neptune sized planet orbiting around the currently known objects and influencing their behavior.  The members of the group are certainly not PhD scientists and the group leader did a great job of tailoring the discussion so everyone was able to grasp the concepts and understand most of the ideas.  He also had made some physical devices that really helped demonstrate the nature of orbits and how objects are positioned as they travel through space.  This group has chosen a new topic for the next session in March.  They are going to look into the “hot” topic of GMOs.  

These two groups meet at members’ homes and are a good example of how the nudist lifestyle can be successfully incorporated with other interests.  Members should feel free to contact a member of either group if you are interested in joining.  There is a limit to the viable number of members but there are a couple of openings in each group as of now.  Use the contact phone or email address to find out who to contact if you don’t know of the members.

The Roadrunner Readers just finished "The Girl in the Spider’s Web” by David Lagercrantz.  It is the fourth in the Lisbeth Salander series set in Sweden.  The first three books were written by Stieg Larsson and the entire set is called the Millennium Series. 

The first Larsson book was so innovative and unusual that it created massive interest throughout the world and was translated into many languages.  Three films were made of the story — two European and one American.  It created lots of interest in other Scandinavian authors, like Jo Nesbo,  which they still enjoy.  The weather, location and structure of the agencies in this areas surely contribute to the types of stories that have been written there.  

This latest book was a difficult read because it involved too many characters and too many different story lines.  The reader has to really pay attention to keep track of the threads that weave the tales.  It is not a “I can’t put it down” book like the first in the series.  I suppose if our group was a rating group we would give it a 2 1/2 stars our of 5.  

Next we are reading “Assata” by Assata Shakur, the autobiography of a member of the Black Panther Party during its heyday.  She lived in exile in Cuba for many years and this book was written there.  

Also, we are compiling a list of possible works to read and would like for the other members of the Roadrunners to offer suggestions about their favorite good reads and we welcome any members who would like to join our group.  It is great fun to present one’s opinion about a book and to see how your opinion differs or is the same as others.  We have a good time discussing the characters and story lines in the books we read.  Come join us!!

Social Nudism Tales

This section contains stories of individual journeys that have led people to social nudism.  They are interesting  tales that might help the reader to resolve some issues that are keeping them from trying the lifestyle.  

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